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SUPPLY Content Submission

Be your original work

Respect supply brand image

Be created in a legal and safe manner

The content you submit MUST NOT include:

Copyrighted material that belongs to someone else

Trademarks that belong to someone else

Any clothing bearing designer insignia or brands or logos other than supply or our licensed partners

Any identifiable commercial products or brands other than Supply or our licensed partners

Celebrity images

Images of any person other than you


Intellectual property or publicity rights that belong to someone else

Visible phone numbers, website links, street addresses, email addresses, license plate numbers, area codes, zip codes, or airport codes

Obscenities, profanities, vulgar language, lewd behavior, offensive, obscene or inappropriate content for a general audience

Nudity or any sexually explicit depiction

Gang-related images, affiliation, hand signs, symbols, gang support or gang activity


Dangerous, illegal or unsafe acts

Harassing content

Impersonation of any other person

Shocking or disgusting content that is violent or gory intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful

Derogatory, disparaging, libelous content about any entity or person

Hate Speech: Discriminatory statements or depictions based on race, religion, national origin, physical disability, age, sex, or sexual orientation or preference

Guns, knives or any other current and/or historic weapons

Computer virus, worm, hidden trojans or other malicious or harmful computer software or programming

Consent and Release to Use Photo, Name and Likeness and Waiver of Claims